Love Bites…

“Love is like a poisonous python. It will sting the victim into delirium with its sweet poison before it starts consuming the soul. The prey will not only get blinded, but will also lose the other 4 senses and even the 6th, wisdom. The strangest thing is that whoever comes for rescue will be confronted with an instant mad-dog model personality, since they never want to awaken from the deceptive ecstasy.”

My views on caste and religion based reservation in India

I am not against reservation on financial status, but it should be not just in the name of caste or religion. I am also with giving opportunity to the ST and other poor Indian population. There are villagers who don’t have proper cloths to wear, yet no mainstream politicians are aware and need to sort out their problems and sufferings. Since independence though we have developed much, a good percentage of poor are always poor and rich are getting richer. Now a days usually the reservation is granted for people who doesn’t deserves considering social and financial background. What we need is rules which help everyone equally considering the circumstances.

As I understood, the caste based reservation system is driven by vote bank politics. Almost all political parties of India are in favor of caste based reservation. They are really not bothered about equality or nation building. When so called leaders are behaving like they are leaders of reserved category only, not of the whole nation, where will be any one to lead the whole country united? They doesn’t care for the right one who have worked hard his entire life for their dream career. Even political parties who claim they are the parties of poor people always try to keep them poor since fearing they may lose followers when the poor is no longer poor.

I have seen many with broken heart, when people even below 1/4th of their merits (and hard-work done) grab their opportunities simply because these general castes were born out of wrong womb. Is this justice?

Now there are proposals for 49.5 reservations in IITs, IIMs. What will be the outcome!! This is only one among many of this kind. The Caste based reservation system neither adds nor multiplies, but it simply divides people. Why we still want to hold the division when it no longer exists.

Caste doesn’t make people backward, and there is no difference in anatomy. What we need to fight is social and economical inequality, we need to eradicate poverty up to the grass root level of India. We can’t make every one rich, but what about striving to take care that no Indian will starve for a day because he is poor.

Reservation negatively affects the quality of man power. This had affected the public sector heavily. Anyone can guess that if analyzed non-biased. We are risking the development and good future. We are not here to develop certain division of people, but a strong nation.

It is not a sin to be born as general caste. In today’s world why the general class should be called UPPER class. What these people have as extra? Often they are blamed pointing their ancestor’s ill treatment towards labor class. If some one’s great-great grandmother had killed your great-great grandfather, will you try to kill this poor person? Why still hunting the old ghost, these are new generations… If we go like this, after a couple of centuries, the sect you now call as upper will be the backward class and the currently privileged one will be the upper caste.


Download Adi Shankaracharya’s Dasasloki from here


Actor Rajinikanth speaking about Bhagavan Sri RamanaMaharshi

Have a look at this video. South Indian Actor Rajinikanth is having a small speach about Bhagavan Sri RamanaMaharshi.

I recommend you people to get a copy of the book – “Talks With Sri Ramana Maharshi”

Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra

This is one of romantic sad song that seems to me very ‘nadaan’ and touching. Seeing this music video after a decade, I felt that it is still touching my very heart.

Here is the link to download the music video ‘Aankhon mein tera hi chehra’ –

Watch Movie Online Justice League (2017)

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Father and Son

A short story about father and son.  You may have read this story before. This video which is very touching have added fuel to that fire.

Guru Paduka Stotram

The last Video Tribute is having an enchanted song, which I was probably hearing for the first time at that time… Since it was having a heavy spiritual touch, I felt interested to have its mp3 . The name of the song is Guru Paduka Stotram. I searched and found out that it was a Sanskrit Stotra written by Sree Adi Shankaracharya , one of the greatest known gurus of sacred India… What a surprise! I dwell into the Sanskrit versus for the meaning. Guru Paduka Stotram is really a great work. If you are in spiritual path under a guru, then you can realize more than the worldly meaning and will not just stop at the word meaning of the lines.

You can download Guru Paduka Stotram lyrics by clicking here.

Click here for the meaning of the stotras

Guru Vandanam

A tribute to the Indian spiritual gurus (masters) . This video displays photos of only a few Indian gurus  of 19th-20th Century. Even though yogis, those who was not intended to be spread the insight are not found, obviously this is a tribute to all the masters who ever walked on this planet. This tribute video have a nice enchanting Sanskrit song in the background. For me, this video is very rejuvenating.

If you want to download this Guru Vandanam song, you can click here and save it as music video – Download Guru Paduka Stotram

Introducing Myself


Introducing myself. In this incarnation, I am born as a human, entitled “Prajith”  as my name, still seeking the destiny… I am an IT consultant by trade. Inside, basically as of my actions and thoughts, I am a spiritualist, a truth seeker, a martial artist, searching for the so called enlightenment, while being in this material world. I cannot feel well to call me any those I mentioned… ( Being honest, now a days If I strongly ask myself who I am, though there is plenty of dirt in the mirror, I can only recognize myself as a sort of bodha, a tip of the iceberg, for which I cannot find any English word to express, not even the word ‘consciousness’…)

This is my personal blog. I hosted this not for the reason for being a blogger, or to express oneself. This site is intended to pass on spiritual knowledge I learn, the mysteries that I tried to unfold, the ethical secrets that I want to pass on, that is, in an abstract, I would like to pass those knowledge and skill sets that I learned and earned through my spiritual research …

Not to mention, what I will post here will not be an invention of myself, I cannot say anything that is unknown to the spiritual realm, which is not written in the Vedic literature, or so. I am only rediscovering myself through the help of masters and the inner master. And if there is mistakes in what I express, please pardon my level of poor understanding and let me know so that I can fix it …

I decided not to blog the spiritual teachings here due to traditions and strict rules. So instead of that, here I will pass some works of spiritual masters and so .

(%) Peace …