Introducing Myself


Introducing myself. In this incarnation, I am born as a human, entitled “Prajith”  as my name, still seeking the destiny… I am an IT consultant by trade. Inside, basically as of my actions and thoughts, I am a spiritualist, a truth seeker, a martial artist, searching for the so called enlightenment, while being in this material world. I cannot feel well to call me any those I mentioned… ( Being honest, now a days If I strongly ask myself who I am, though there is plenty of dirt in the mirror, I can only recognize myself as a sort of bodha, a tip of the iceberg, for which I cannot find any English word to express, not even the word ‘consciousness’…)

This is my personal blog. I hosted this not for the reason for being a blogger, or to express oneself. This site is intended to pass on spiritual knowledge I learn, the mysteries that I tried to unfold, the ethical secrets that I want to pass on, that is, in an abstract, I would like to pass those knowledge and skill sets that I learned and earned through my spiritual research …

Not to mention, what I will post here will not be an invention of myself, I cannot say anything that is unknown to the spiritual realm, which is not written in the Vedic literature, or so. I am only rediscovering myself through the help of masters and the inner master. And if there is mistakes in what I express, please pardon my level of poor understanding and let me know so that I can fix it …

I decided not to blog the spiritual teachings here due to traditions and strict rules. So instead of that, here I will pass some works of spiritual masters and so .

(%) Peace …

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